August, 2013

A tricky house on a tough site with a small budget called for an innovative design solution. The existing single storey home is cut into the hill side but apart from small ocean glimpses the plan neither encouraged connection to the big back yard, or afforded views.

Working with the difficult plan a staged extension was conceived that vastly improved the homes relationship to its context, opened up sweeping views over the ocean and provided much needed space for a growing family and their frequent overseas house guests. Living spaces are moved to the new first floor and are oriented to the North and East. The site topography allows direct access to the yard from the upper level. Light is encouraged into the depths of the ground floor, however where this is not possible due to the 'buried' nature of the house other spaces are created like a wine store. Wet areas are rationalised in their existing locations to minimise new plumbing works.

The new second storey is dovetailed into the existing house in a way that creates a new architectural character more fitting for its seaside environs. Materials and colours are borrowed both from the existing home and from the broader south coast vernacular.

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