Seaforth, NSW
December, 2007

AWARDS: Winner of the 2008 Landscape Contractors’ Association (NSW) for residential works $76 - $200K

A back yard 70m long with a fall of 20m is given a make-over to allow better access and connectivity with the existing house up top. An existing pool forms the centre of the plan and old rotting decks and pokey mountain tracks are replaced with an orderd arrangement of terraces. Connecting these series of terraces are a combination of shaded “nature trails” that hug the base of one of the the large sandstone outcrops. More formal stairs provide access from the house level to the pool via a shaded terrace and help tie everything together. A 1970’s pool cabanna is given a new life as a stand alone entertainment kitchen. Glare from lighting and privacy issues had to be considered along with managing the existing mature trees and large rock outcrops.

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