November, 2016

An existing two storey warehouse is given a big re-vamp to accommodate a family & their business.

The owners of this late 70's warehouse had been living in the upper level for 5 years when they decided it was time to make some big changes. The suburb surrounding the site has in recent years undergone the change from industrial, low lying buildings to a mix of medium and high rise residential developments. Rather than give the land to the developers the owners decided they would make the most of their unique location and utilise the amazing potential of the ground floor level warehouse.

The approach to the design was driven by two factors: increase living areas and make the building look and feel more like a home. The existing building includes a great space downstairs with 3.8m ceilings, exposed timber, brick and steel. The brief was to turn this space into a large living, dining and kitchen area and leave a small showroom for the family timber flooring business. These spaces open out to a generous back yard previously occupied by large swathes of concrete. A pool, patio, landscaped areas and garage were added. The front of the building needed the ingredients to create a front yard: fence, gates, front path, landscape and an entry structure to break down the scale of the brick box. The existing stair was extended up to a third level that reads as a lightweight gable ended hat, a nod to a more residential form.

The resulting living spaces will have a fantastic feeling, capturing some of the industrial detailing and allowing light to pour in from a large glazed facade that connects to the new outdoor living areas.

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