October, 2015

Alterations and additions to a semi detached home in collaboration with Tess Regan Design.This semi suffered from the usual planning problems that are assocated with this housing typology. Past additions had been added on providing open plan living and dining however there was an awkward space connection the old and new that housed a bathroom, laundry and study.

The owner wanted to re-imagine the house, retaining the elements that worked and replanning the rear end to accomodate a stair to a new level. Upstairs the brief included a master bedroom suite, study space and additional storage.

The owner was keen to push the architecture of the build and expore some bold, simple forms paired with a clean and textural pallete. This approach led us to start with getting the roof form and upstiars planning resolved first, then the rest would follow. A strong yet simple solution was developed that provides a clear transition between the existing front rooms (untouched) and the new areas of the home.

It was decided that to get the most out of the design the existing living room would need to be sacrificed. This space would be divided in two, housing a narrow bathroom facing onto a small courtyard / lightwell. The lightwell provides a dramatic transition between old and new, a space to look at as well as use. The existing fireplace is retained and extended to provide a point of interest and a possible heat source for relaxing next to on cool evenings.

From the lightwell onward the roof form becomes a sculptural, folded element that starts as en extrusion of the existing roof and ends up as a large framed opening to the rear of the new bedroom. The stair is bathed in light from a large window facing a small garden roof to one side of the lightwell. The narrow space connecting the first floor with the roof storage provides a comfortable sized study area overlooking the lightwell.

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