December, 2012

This tiny terrace squeezed onto a 55m square site in Surry Hills needed the internal planning to be literally turned on its head. The existing bathroom was located off the kitchen to the rear, blocking open access to the yard. An awkward dining area was located on the next level up. The brief was to swap these spaces over and improve the environmental credentials of the house in general.

The resulting concept kept the kitchen where it was, albeit with some clever joinery and additional storage. The kitchen joinery flows through into the new dining space effectively extending the spaces. The dining space is afforded an uninterrupted opening out to a simple back yard. The ceiling to this new space is elevated to not only provide addition sun light penetration but also to give a touch of grandeur.

Upstairs a miniature bathroom is inserted into the old dining space. Beyond this you step up to a small study / guest room bathed in northern light. The construction of the rear addition is a simple box with solid brick "blinkers" that frame a fine timber screen that is operable to the study.

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